Got a few questions about family photography sessions, what's involved and what to expect?  You might find this information helpful...

How many people can you include in the session?

Pretty much as many as you like!  What you need to bear in mind is that the more people there are, the more difficult (and time-consuming) it is to co-ordinate everyone together for a full portrait and there may be less photographs or each person and documentary details because there are more people to cover.  The number of people may also impact the choice of location.

How long will the session be?

This depends on the package that you have booked and you can see the details of my packages on my pricing page.   I don't book more than one session in a day and I suggest that you should also try to avoid booking a personal appointment straight after your session so that you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Where will my photo session be?

Your session can be at your home, at someone else's home (such as a grandparent's, with their permission of course), or outside somewhere such as a local park, country park or place that you like to spend time as a family.   Most of my sessions are in the Stoke-on-Trent/North Staffordshire area, but I can travel elsewhere in the country if required - please contact me to discuss details.  For more information on location, take a look at my Family photography guide.

What if I don't want my photographs to be taken at home?

You can choose an outdoor location or another venue, subject to any permissions that may be required.

When is the best time of day for a session?

I normally book sessions during a morning or afternoon at a time convenient to you.  If the weather is good and we are planning an outdoor session, sunset can be a beautiful time for photographs and we can arrange for a time that suits depending on the time of year.  When photographing babies and toddlers, it is best scheduling around their nap times for a time when they are awake and usually happy!  

What will happen at my session?

I love to capture your family just the way that you are, so it is best to arrange to do something as a family for your photo session.  This can be as simple as taking a walk, playing together, baking or however you like to spend time as a family.  If your children have a particular hobby you would like to represent in your photos, such as playing an instrument or drawing, I can incorporate that.  I will capture some individual and family portraits and natural, documentary photographs of you all spending time together.

Most of all, your session should be relaxed and enjoyable.  We can pause whenever for younger children to have a break and play around or for babies to be fed and comforted.  Your session should work around you and your family.

What should I wear?

Most importantly you should wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.   It is best to avoid large logos or strong bright patterns as they can be distracting in the photographs, but anything is fine.  Don't worry about looking your absolute best (who ever has the time for that!), real is so much better!  

My kids can be really shy and might not co-operate.  Is this a problem?

I have photographed many children who are just not in the mood that day, including my own!  I can normally work around this with a few techniques.  Firstly, there's no rush.  Young children and babies sometimes need a while to get to know someone before they'll start to interact and that's just fine!  I'll take things at their pace and we can break for a few minutes at any time.  Secondly, some of those shy moments make great images because they show such a naturally cute side of childhood.  

Do you do birth photography?

Yes, I would absolutely love to photograph one of the most amazing and significant things that will ever happen in your life!  Please contact me to talk about your plans and discuss pricing.

What happens after my photography session?

I will select and edit all your final images and then either upload the digital files to online storage space for you to download, or upload them to a USB drive for you.  

Once you have had a good look through them, depending on the package that you chose, you'll have an amount of print credit to spend on a print order or put towards an album.  Just let me know what you'd like to order and I'll arrange that for you.  Prints will then be available to collect or posted to you normally within 3-4 weeks.

How much are prints and albums?

Please contact me for an up-to-date price list for prints and albums. 

How do I book?

If you wish to book a session, please complete my booking form.   Once your booking form is completed, we will settle arrangements for the date and time of your session.  Payment is required in advance of your session to secure your booking.

What if I need to cancel a session? 

You can cancel your session with 24 hours notice and your payment will be refunded, minus a £15 administration fee.  If children are ill or in an emergency, we can rearrange your session for another appointment free of charge.