Family Portrait Photobook Album

The 2013 Photobook

As 2013 draws to a close, I wanted to put together a special keepsake collection of photographs of my kids taken during the year.  There are so many favourites and special memories connected with photos taken this year and I absolutely love seeing my photographs in print and holding them in my hands - it's SO much better than viewing them on a computer screen.

I toyed with various ideas.  I do regularly print small 6" x 4" photos of my favourites from time to time that I tend to stick on the wall next to my desk at home, but I wanted to create more of a collection and there are numerous options of photobooks and albums available now.

In the end I decided to go for a really clean, simple photobook including all of my favourite images of Jorja and Dexter from 2013.  Just looking back and collating them bought back so many memories of all the time that we've spent together, things we've done, places we've been and all the special little parts of their personalities.  

I am thrilled with the result and must have flicked through it more than 20 times already.  I hope to do this annually from now on as a way of recording them growing up and to look back on with fondness.  These are the things I'l save once my family are safe if the rest of my possessions ever went up in flames.  Here's to hoping that never happens!


Would you like a photobook of special images of your kids?  

You can contact me here or view more of my photographs in my galleries here.  

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