JodexPhoto on Etsy - A Shop for my Photos!

A bit about JodexPhoto - selling my photos on Etsy

It's obvious from the rest of my website that I love taking photographs of people.  People are really interesting.  In so many ways.  But I take so many photographs to feed this obsession of mine that it's inevitable that some don't have people in them.  They're just images I've captured that I enjoy looking at, because they evoke an emotion, they're compelling in some way or they're just nice to look at.  I just took these photos for myself, really, with no intention of doing anything else with them.

Then one day a lovely friend of mine who also likes her photography showed me some photos she'd found of Lego figures and wondered if they could inspire us to create our own images with Lego stormtroopers for a gift she had in mind.  She didn't have to ask me twice, my head was exploding with ideas and possibilities.

After a fairly fun week or so, I'd taken so many Lego photos I decided to try posting them up to Etsy just to see if anyone else liked them as much as we did.  I was thrilled to get a sale within the first week.  It spurred me on to take more and list more.  Meanwhile, my kids are thrilled at our ever-expanding Lego mini-figures collection!

Now I have over 20 Lego figure photographs listed in my Etsy shop and added some of my favourite art images, mostly nature related.  I love the extra purpose to take photographs when I'm not busy capturing images of people.  I have listings for prints and listings for the digital download, allowing people to instantly download the image and print as they'd like (on mugs, invitations, phone cases, whatever).

My Etsy shop is called JodexPhoto and you can find it by clicking on this link -  Feel free to go and have a browse - you might find something suitable for a Christmas present!