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Summer Adventures in the School Holidays

I have to say, the 6-week holidays seem a long time ago now!  I was determined to have some fun this summer and really take the opportunity to get out with the kids and enjoy ourselves.  Now that they're both in school, the weeks are busy and we don't have as much time on our hands, but I do feel like they're reaching an age where I can do so much more with them without the restrictions of feeding, napping and practically getting around when they were babies and toddlers.

I had SO many plans and in the end, we didn't do everything I had on my list.  Sometimes the weather wasn't great, sometimes I had to work and sometimes we just fancied a day at home!  Such is life. But I took a lot of photographs and have great memories from this summer.  Here's just a selection of my favourites.  Brace yourselves and grab a cuppa, there's a lot and it was really difficult to cut them down!


I may need to make another photo book!