Spring Woodland Fairytale Photography Shoot

4 minute read

Babes in the Wood

I've known Beth of Sweethearts Hair Design since we both used to take our babies (seems so long ago now!) to the local library for rhyme time. Little did I know at the time where our lives would lead and that we would be able to collaborate our work for an awesome creative styled photo shoot.  

I love the process of working with others when it comes to bouncing ideas off each other and inspiring each other in creating something together.  Beth can do amazing things with hair; you only have to have a quick scan down her Facebook page or Instagram profile to see for yourself.  

We had a brilliant time with our girls.  You know you're enjoying it when you think you've spent around 30 minutes shooting and you've actually been out there for 3 times as long!  Despite it being a little cold for what we were hoping (lots of blanket warm ups between shots, you have to take care of your little models!) and that it slightly started raining at one point, I am thrilled with the resulting images. They really encapsulate the look that we were trying to achieve.

We're planning more styled shoots throughout this year and I'm so excited to try the different looks that we're working on.  I can't wait to share more, but in the meantime these are my favourites from our springtime fairytale shoot.