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Autumn Portrait Mini-Sessions Round Up

Towards the end of last year, I offered my mini-sessions for around 30 minutes (or sometimes a little more, I get carried away!) to capture some family portraits, normally outdoors.  A great way to get an annual photograph of your kids as they grow up and to sort a few Christmas presents.

I met up with some familiar faces and some new ones, we had snow one weekend which was brilliant, and plenty of mud (sorry, mums and dads!).  I'll definitely run them again in Autumn this year, if I have the time.

Here's a selection of some of my favourites:-

The Belshaw Family-19.jpg

If you're interested in mini-sessions, I'll post on my website and social media when I'm planning on running them again this year (time permitting!).  If you'd like me to let you know directly so you don't miss it, send me a quick email to and I'll add you to my contact list for mini-sessions.