Dancing in the Street, Big Dance on Piccadilly, Hanley - Documentary Dance Photographs - Jenny Harper Photography

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Dancing in the Street

As part of Stoke's Big Dance Festival over the 2nd and 3rd July organised by NSDDP (North Staffordshire Dance Development Partnership), Restoke created dance and music in the street, a brilliant travelling performance down Piccadilly in Hanley.  And I was lucky to be there to capture it in photographs.  They also rehearsed in the Regent Theatre which has a wonderful room with a piano, reflective surfaces and floor to ceiling windows on one side making for some really interesting photo opportunities.

I love photographing dance.  There's movement and interesting shapes to capture, it's constantly changing.  The dancers are involved in what they're doing so it's easier to photograph in a documentary way without being constantly noticed and interrupting their flow. 

Here are some of my favourite photographs from the rehearsal and the performance day:-