10 Minutes of Portraits | Child Photography | Jenny Harper

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10 Minutes of Jorja

Sometimes I feel like I haven't taken photographs of my kids for ages.  Like that could ever be true.  I think maybe it's just that I haven't asked them to stop for a photograph for a while, since I love documenting them just doing their own thing.  Anyway, it prompts me to spend a bit of time with them taking their portrait.  

It's more of a collaboration as they get older, they react differently and come up with their own ideas.  I thought it would be interesting to spend a limited amount of time, setting myself just 10 minutes to see what we could make and giving them a deadline to the amount of time they'd have to co-operate with me.

So I set my timer for 10 minutes and it went super fast!  It was just after school, in winter so limited daylight left.  After the first few by the window, I knew I'd need some extra light and didn't have time to set up flash, so just used an LED continuous light for our remaining time. Here are a few of my favourites:-