Outdoor Lifestyle Photography at Lud's Church, The Roaches, Staffordshire

3 minute read

The Rocks and The Mud

There isn't much better in life, to me, than exploring some stunning countryside with my kids in tow.  Until they start to moan that their legs ache.  That's annoying.  But when they're not moaning, the way they discover and get excited by their surroundings is so inspiring.  From deftly finding their way over rocks and logs through the mud to suggesting that we all walk in peace for a bit so that we can hear all the sounds of the forest, their enthusiasm is contagious.  And I have the joy of recording our time in photographs.

These are the kinds of images that I absolutely love to take.  They're the ones that I know I'll adore looking back on in years to come.  Capturing my kids just the way they are on a mini adventure.  

These are the photos that make my heart sing.

Where shall we go on our next mini-adventure?! Let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments below.