A Week of Photography Work Experience in Staffordshire

Guest Blog Post! Learning on the Job

This week I've had a student from a local high school join me to experience my day to day work.  I definitely thought twice about whether to agree to her placement when she first contacted me as I wasn't sure that I could give someone a good experience and that I had the time to invest, but I'm really glad that I decided to go for it.  It's not just having some company, but sharing a bit of what I do (aka going on and on and on and on about photography from the technical aspects to what I love about it) has been really fun.  For me, at least.  

I set Chelsea the task of completing a blog post by the end of the week on her experience and here it is!  She's done a great job and I hope her week has inspired her to develop her art and photography interests.

Hi, my name is Chelsea and over the past week I've spent one week of my work experience with Jenny. I wish to pursue a career in photography and even more so now having spent the week learning more about it. My favourite style of photography is fashion, I prefer photography done when it’s in a studio, but I do like it when on location as well. Some of my favourite fashion photographers are people such as; Lara Jade, Della Bass etc.

Throughout the week I've learnt quite a lot. I've learnt about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and the positive and negative effects they each have on the quality of your photo. I've also learnt how to focus on the subject in your pictures and blur out the background. Jenny has given me tips such as put the subject to the side of the screen and not in the middle as this makes for a more interesting photo. She has also taught me the basics of photoshop and editing my photos, such as changing the clarity, the exposure, contrast etc so that my pictures turn out as good as they can be. I've learnt all about the importance of light in photos and making sure that the aperture, shutter speed and ISO are working well together so that the photo doesn't turn out too under/over exposed or too blurry.

Throughout the week I've also had the opportunity to go to shoots with Jenny which was good as I got to see how the business side of it actually works and how she gets the amazing pictures she does.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken over this week: